Proposal: Keeping Live Electronic Music Alive

In Summer 2020, Serge Lemouton, Eric Lindemann, Philippe Manoury, and Miller Puckette started a conversation about how to keep electronic music realizations in service for the long-term future - that is, make them stable enough to survive past the lifetimes of the composers and designers. This page collects our writings on the subject, and shows one possible example of a testing structure that supports long-term maintenance of a piece of real-time electronic music.

The current version is v0.01(Mon Sep 21 16:16:10 PDT 2020).

Keeping Real-Time Electronic Music Alive, a position paper by Lindemann, Manoury, and Puckette

Some Observations by Serge Lemouton

Realization tester, version v0.01


Testing example: Philippe Manoury, en Echo

Miller Puckette's home page